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A good pair of tweezers will last a lifetime

What tweezer USES is lever principle, just someone says tweezer is lever that save effort, also someone says tweezer is lever that save effort, everybody says wind and wind.
Tweezers labor-saving leverage managed to lever is it, can according to their own act to control the energy of tweezers or effort, from resisting arm length, tweezers belongs to easily leverage, because of the tweezers resisting arm is greater than the power arm, but although it is laborious lever, but in use process, if used properly, still can save Labour, depends on the occasion of tweezers used, if the tweezers is used for the fine work is exquisite, so membership dues energy use process, in order to shorten the distance, but if use some gravity work, so don't need to be pay attention to, This tweezers tool is labor-saving leverage, why do you say tweezers is laborious lever, resistance point when forceps between objects in the end of the tweezers, but before the clip to the objects also have resistance, before the clip object, its resistance comes from two arm stretch, point on the junction of two arm, let's take a closer look at tweezers, its fulcrum in the confluence of two iron bar, where we finger touch and where to clamp on the same straight line, so can know clearly, power arm < resisting arm, (except for the hands on the objects are equal, when it is but it doesn't need tweezers), therefore the tweezers is laborious lever. Although tweezers are a laborious lever, the use of tweezers is very extensive, can be applied to the vast majority of fields, and the role is obvious, can be used in the vast majority of fields, especially in the field of medicine and industrial fine science research is the most widely used.
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