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President of Japanese brother company visited sewing machine city

A few days ago, Japan brothers high time President, sales department minister of sichuan and lai, brothers (China) business co., LTD., director, deputy general manager of new, minister of household sewing machine Dong Rong Yin Bing 6 people visited dongyang international sewing machine city, and during the visit, duly authorized trusted company for brother multi-function sewing machine embroidery machine general agent in zhejiang province.
According to yun bingxin, deputy general manager of brothers (China) commerce co., LTD., this is the first time for President gao ji to visit Chinese agents and lead the company's business minister and other counterparts, so the strong team is enough to prove that brothers attaches great importance to AKTION
The Japanese brothers visited the quilting classroom on the 11th floor of the business building in sewing machine city. Patchwork, born from the earliest sewing, gradually evolved into a lifestyle element, very popular in some metropolises, by the current urban women's favor. The establishment of quilting classroom can facilitate the training of secondary agents, and facilitate quilting enthusiasts to experience the fun of quilting, understand quilting culture, and personally feel the charm of brothers multifunctional sewing machines. Gao ji President a line expressed affirmation and appreciation to this move.
A credible company general manager liu jun accompanied a group of high President visited the sewing machine city, let them have a deeper understanding of the market. Gao ji President said, in sewing machine city such a good market environment, "brothers" performance will do better, they will increase support.
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