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The big world bursting out of the little tweezers

When we started our business, we were just as confused as a lot of recent graduates... . What can we do with less experience and less money?" Yongkang with "hardware" name, many self-made yongkang people through gold, silver, copper, tin contact, and the achievement of a brilliant career kingdom. "Do the door to do hardware, we certainly can not compete with big enterprises, in yongkang business must find a new way. "We have a very clear view: start with the simplest products and work on the simplest ones." "I touched the tweezers by accident, and it was easy to look at, and I thought, we're going to do this seriously, and we're going to get it right
." As a result, in December 2007, zhu chunyan and liu jun established the present zhejiang yongkang city an credible tool factory with more than 100 thousand deposits on their hands and a meager fund pooled together.
When zhu chunyan sat on the sofa, smiling and talking about the pain and joy of starting a business, their "aktion" has become a partner of foxconn. Their tweezers are exported to Europe, America, South Korea and Japan. In the high-tech and medical beauty industry, "aktion" has become synonymous with high-quality tweezers. Small tin from Switzerland? At first, the couple made tweezers for the more basic sewing and tool industry, with a more modest process. By chance, zhu chunyan and his wife went to visit a watch industry friend. At that time, a craftsman division is assembling watch, see master hand take a pair of small tweezers, delicate craft does not ban small husband and wife clap hands. The master told us that this set of tin was imported from Switzerland, which cost a lot of money
. This words can make pair of tweezers "enrage", "so big China, want to import a small tweezer from abroad however?" Among them, there must be hidden huge business opportunities. Since then, they bought a complete set of Swiss clock tweezers, began to carefully study the production process. Not afraid of hard work, to guangdong, jiangsu and other factories to learn new technology. Because of this, the quality of "safe and reliable" has reached a new level again and again. Now it is the best choice to replace imported tweezers!
Start a business to know how to bear hardships and adhere to the beginning of everything difficult, the beginning of the business of liu jun and zhu chunyan encountered many difficulties naturally. "The most important thing, of course, is the sale of the product. Only when the product is sold can the company make money, pay its workers and sustain itself." Because do foreign trade mainly, liu jun and zhu chunyan depend on network sale. It wasn't long before they received their first "surprise" order --
190,000 disposable first aid kit medical tweezers. During that time, zhu chunyan and her husband joined the workers' industry in order to finish the production. They packed and packed the products day and night. "In the most difficult times, even rent is almost out of reach. Relatives and friends all advised us to give up, two college students, work than now earn more, but we feel that since we started, we must insist. Yale said. At that time, a customer from Turkey came to yongkang to choose and buy products. Zhu chunyan, who was fluent in English, drove his van to accompany him to purchase products and patiently accompanied him to go shopping and explain. Even if they don't end up doing business with her, she says, "it's ok to be more of a friend and practice your spoken English." Finally, Turkish merchants brought orders to the little couple, from then on knocked open the door of foreign trade. It is this kind of sincere, peaceful state of mind, let their careers go up.
After writing a letter to jack ma, zhu chunyan has registered an account with alibaba since the establishment of the company. In 2013, zhejiang industrial and commercial bureau promoted"
The suffix of "an trustworthiness" was changed from "tool factory" to "industry and trade co., LTD". According to the old regulations of alibaba, the enterprise after changing the business nature will not be able to continue the previous membership and store credit, the business life will be zero. "It's like opening an online store. The more you drill, the more credibility you have, and the more customers you attract. Years of zero for the enterprise is very unfair, the impact is also relatively large. I think many enterprises will encounter this problem." For this, zhu chunyan decides to ma yun writes a letter, believe ma yun can help us these enterprises solve difficulty certainly! In the letter, in addition to explaining their own meaning, zhu chunyan also "strong" written clear, if jack ma does not reply, she will write a second, a third, if there is no response, she will take employees to alibaba head office for help.
Such "obstinacy" attracted ma yun's attention, and soon after, he called zhu chunyan and told her that "the situation has been understood and the company's senior management will be arranged to work accordingly". About half a month later, alibaba, in collaboration with zhejiang industrial and commercial corporation, issued an announcement stating that "individual enterprises can renew their member credit after submitting materials and passing the third-party review." "Jack ma called me, a little surprised, I through their own efforts to protect the rights and interests of the enterprise, more is happy." Now, zhu chunyan and liu jun have a lovely son, the family career double harvest, make them proud.
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